Admissions Contacts

Georgia Baptist College of Nursing

Janda Anderson
Director of Admissions
(work with all populations, but greater emphasis on licensed nursing professionals and grad programs)
(678) 547-6703

Abigail Hardin
Assistant Director of Admissions
(works with all populations, but greater emphasis on undergrad, pre-licensure and Mercer Macon students)
(678) 547-6717

Nicole Convis
Admissions Counselor
(678) 547-6702

Stetson School of Business and Economics

General Contact Info:
Stetson School of Business and Economics
Office of Admissions
(678) 547-6300

Lael Whiteside (Works with students from submitted application to enrollment)
Director of Admissions
(678) 547-6147

Jewelina Jones
Enrollment Associate
(678) 547-6194

Tift College of Education

Tracey Wofford
Director of Admissions
(678) 547-6084

Michael Clayton
Assistant Director of Admissions
(678) 547-6084

Kimberly Tigner
Admissions Counselor
(678) 547-6562

School of Law

Marilyn Sutton
Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
(478) 301-2429

Leah Aiken
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
(478) 301-5902

Brandi Russell
Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment
(478) 301-5001

Terry Trussell
Office Specialist
(478) 301-2147

Judith Simpson
Admissions Specialist
(478) 301-2605

Traditional Undergraduate - Macon Campus

(CLA, Engineering, Business, Music & Education)


Kelly Holloway               
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management – Macon         
(478) 301-5125             

Stephen Karafa
Associate Director of Admissions and Recruitment
(478) 301-2373

Deidra Bauld
Associate Director of Admissions and Recruitment
(478) 301-2656

Heather Perrin
Assistant Director of Admissions and Director of Campus Visitation
(478) 301-2076

Jena Palmer
Assistant Director of Admissions
(478) 301-2316

Emily Farlow
Admissions Counselor
(478) 301-2126

James Hulett
Admissions Counselor
(478) 301-2659

Elsie Miles
Admissions Counselor
(478) 301-2570

Michael Sears
Admissions Counselor
(478) 301-2653

Ashlee Dew
Admissions Counselor
(478) 301-2307

Alex Thomas
Assistant Director of Admissions and Athletic Recruitment
(478) 301-2314

Jasmine Banks
Admissions Counselor
(478) 301-2312

Ashley Waddell
Assistant Director of Admissions
(478) 301-5123

Sarah Armstrong
Admissions Counselor
(478) 301-2322

Heather Matlock
Coordinator of Admissions
(478) 301-2309


Diana Faircloth
Director of Admissions Operations
(478) 301-2428

Barbara Smith
Enrollment Associate
(478) 301-2308

Stacey Stone
Enrollment Associate
(478) 301-2072

Cassidy Crowley
Enrollment Associate
(478) 301-2393

Tabitha West
Enrollment Associate
(478) 301-2372

Laura Beth Hawkinson
Administrative Secretary
(478) 301-2490

Non-Traditional Undergraduate Admissions

Renee Slaton
Director of Adult Undergraduate Admissions and Student Success
(678) 547-6084

Myron Randall
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions
(678) 547-6490

Quandra Swain
Admissions Counselor
(678) 547-6100

Venetta Coffee
Enrollment Associate
(678) 547-6513

Queen Mahone
Enrollment Associate
(678) 547-6561

Melissa La Fleur
Admissions Counselor

Enrollment Management Marketing and Communications

Denise Cook
Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications
(478) 301-5106

Drew Bloodworth
Associate Director of Marketing and Communications
(478) 301-2142

Anna Bray
Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
(478) 301-2654

Nick Driver
Assistant Director of Advertising and Production
(678) 547-6462

Erin Allison
Assistant Director of Creative Services
(478) 301-2721

Brittany Knox
Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
(678) 547-6068

Marin Guta
Marketing Specialist, Creative Services
(478) 301-2769

Penfield College

M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling
M.S. Human Services
M.S. Organizational Leadership
M.S. Public Safety Leadership
M.S. Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling
M.S. School Counseling
M.S. Health Informatics
Ed.S. School Counseling
Ph.D.  Counselor Education and Supervision
Dual M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling /Master of Divinity
Dual M.S. Organizational Leadership/Master of Divinity

Melissa Cruz
Director of Admissions

Jamilla Gunter
Admissions Counselor
(678) 547-6574

Jacquelynn Thompson
Enrollment Associate
(678) 547-6089

McAfee School of Theology

Master of Divinity with seven track options (90 hrs)

Three Dual Degrees
Master of Divinity and Master of Business Administration (MDiv/MBA)
Master of Divinity and Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MDiv/MS)
Master of Divinity and Master of Science in Organizational Leadership with a Concentration in Nonprofit (MDiv/MS)
Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (57 hrs)

Doctor of Ministry with eight specializations

L. Nikki Hardeman
Director of Admissions
Office: (678) 547-6357
Fax: (678) 547-6478

Kate Riney
Associate Director of Admissions
Office: (678) 547-6451
Fax: (678) 547-6478

Tamara Solomon
Enrollment Associate
Office: (678) 547-6474
Fax: (678) 547-6478

School of Medicine Admission Information

School of Medicine

Stephanie Basey

Assistant Director of Admissions and Enrollment

Point of Contact for Prospective Applicants to all programs at the School of Medicine

Jina Parrish

Admissions (Enrollment) Specialist
(478) 301-2524

Point of Contact for Current Applicants to MS in Preclinical Sciences, MS in Biomedical Sciences, and Master of Family Therapy

College of Health Professions

Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)
Master of Medical Science - Physician Assistant (M.M.Sc. - PA)
Master of  Public Health (M.P.H .)

Laura Ellison
Director of Admissions and Student Affairs
(678) 547-6319

Roland Benoit
Enrollment Associate
(678) 547-6391

Townsend School of Music

Richard Kosowski, D.M.A.
Director of Graduate Studies & Associate Professor
(478) 301-4167
Primary Area of TSM Admissions:  Graduate Program

Stanley Roberts, D.M.A.
Associate Dean
(478) 301-2751
Primary Area of TSM Admissions: Undergraduate Program

College of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Program Admissions
(678) 547-6232

Jordana Berry, MBA
Director of Admissions
(678) 547-6182

Kaylee King
Admissions Counselor
(678) 547-6184

R’Shea DuBar
Administrative Clerk
(678) 547-6183

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program Admissions
(678) 547-6730

Martin D’Souza, PhD
Director of Graduate Programs

(678) 547-6353

Mary Catherine Goff
Program Specialist
9678) 547-6730